A17:Marion Birkholz

„Catching the world through a lens means coming closer to the world and the people. It opens eyes and mind. Photography raises the awareness of life and ambience. My concern is to keep a balance between the obvious and the untold. A bit of secret enables to read between the lines, to embed more than one thought.“

At the FH Aachen I studied Visual Communication, with emphases on photography and painting. As a Graduated Designer Grey Düsseldorf engaged me as Art Director, where I developed commercials and ads. Now I work freelance as digital artist, photographer and fine artist. Beside putting numerous exhibitions (amongst others in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Netherlands and Spain) I am managing workshops with studio in Düsseldorf. This year I won the art`pu:l award 2017 in Eupen.

website: marionbirkholz.com/ Facebook: Marion Birkholz on Facebook
who knows 

Marion Birkholz | who knows, 2017
digital art
40cm x 40cm