B03:Piotr Tofil

SILVER SIGNATURES. This technique was developed more than twenty years ago, to capture emotions that were impossible to express in any other way. “Those spontaneous emotions that sometimes inhabit me for a long time”.
First the black and white background is made, after that it is filled with colour. Some works stay in black and white.
Those pictures are like life. A struggle between plans and accidents. Between projects and surprises. That's how the backgrounds are being created. Sometimes the colour appears just after the background dries, sometimes it takes days or years to finish the work.
Silver signatures are depictions of my dreams. Unreal but beautiful worlds I will never visit. A scene without actors. (The Desert with an exit, windows, letters, landscapes).
Nudes created using this technique are the expression of unending awe over femininity.

Alberichstr 18
DE-53179 Bonn

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Piotr Tofil | EVE, 2014
Eigne (Tusche / Ölpastell )
70cm x 90cm