B07:Monique van Stokkum

Monique van Stokkum knows very well that there is a lot going on in this world. Near by and on a distance. It surely touches her. Rather than using the reality of certain matters she chooses more personal themes that turn out to be universal themes. In her artworks she takes you to a world in which she represents impressions and experiences of life. You will find special landscapes, people, animals and things that are dear to her, as a symbol for her themes ‘Time’ and ‘Melancholy’. Letting go of what once was, to be open for what is to come, the uncertainty of ‘The travel’. The struggle for letting go or commit one self. Together they represent stories that are told in drawings and colorful paintings or a combination of both. In this way reality and fantasy come together.
In her paintings the artist uses old painting technics in a contemporary way and in her drawings she uses all kinds of drawing materials to attempt the ultimate expression. She always works in different layers.


website: www.moniquevanstokkum.com Facebook: Monique van Stokkum on Facebook
Sometimes it rains 

Monique van Stokkum | Sometimes it rains, 2017
tempera, oil-resin paint and waxpaint on wooden panel
73cm x 84cm x 4cm